29 March, 2012

Faux Furs'days Poster - April

Poster design for next months Faux Furs'days events. I decided to go with a 'space' like theme, due to the Aires and the Onesies events, the later of which resembles a spacesuit in orange.

22 March, 2012

Watermark - Words by the Water

Working with fellow designers, Mica Connelly and Sarah Gill, we designed the latest edition of Watermark for the Words by the Water Festival in Keswick.

18 March, 2012

25 February, 2012

Feature - Imagine That Magazine

I was asked a few months ago if Imagine That could feature my work in their printed magazine and I gladly accepted, being a great pleasure to have my work featured in it! The magazine is only £3.50 and can be purchased from here! The magazine has some really nice work from other students featured inside and is well worth the price. Below is the feature on my "A Very Short Introduction…" book covers project.

And my classmate from the University of Cumbria, Sarah Swanton, has also been featured in the magazine! Check out her feature for her amazing cover design below: