18 May, 2010

Inspiration - Christopher Dresser Teapot

I recently watched the first episode of a really interesting documentary called Genius of Design. In this documentary, they showed work of designers from all trades, and a design that caught my eye especially was that of Christopher Dresser's Teapot, designed in the 1970's. t is such an aesthetic and practical design, one of which I would love to own. The lid was designed so that when opened it rests on the conveniently placed handle, and the overall weighting to the object is apparently pleasing too. Although designed in the 1970's, it wouldn't look out of place in a modern kitchen at all.


  1. Yaya you watched it!! actually one of the best design programmes i have seen this year.
    These kettles are uber amazing!!!
    just wow.

  2. I agree, it was such a fascinating program, especially when they explained about the sheep shearers, such a clever but simple mechanism!

  3. I have a pair of though sheep shearers from my great granddad.
    Pure functional design is awesome = )
    Simple but uber clever mechanism!

  4. it was designed IN 1870's! - not in 1970's