31 August, 2011

Slab Serif Typeface W.I.P.

I realised that my previous typeface lacked a little personality and that there are thousands of typefaces very similar to it, so I've given that one a break for a while to think what I can add to make it less similar to others. 

I've decided to take a shot at designing this slab serif which has more personality in it. The typeface is still in development, but so far, what do you guys reckon? Anything awful stick out?

It also needs a name, was thinking something along the lines of Versity, as the type has a very American University style feel to it. Other ones I've thought of are Segment or Regement?


  1. I prefer the Versity name, just seems mature and educated like the font. If I'm honest I think it's a bit of a safe font from you. That doesn't mean it isn't a nice face, it just seems very controlled for you. I think it might like nice if it's taller e.g. the "stems" of your X or your Y are maybe bubbled in length. I think something like that would make it a really interesting Title face. Though it might start looking like that Zepplin font then :/ lol.

    Sorry this isn't a more positive comment mate. I honestly like the font, I just think you could do more with it... even if you're just making them other weights, etc.

  2. Thanks Colin, yeah I would agree that it is safe, alas my life story haha! I'm having a go at making the font more crazy and see what happens :)