05 March, 2011

Experimental Typography pt.3

I decided to create a bold style typeface which could be either; a bold version of the previous experimental typeface OR it could be a completely new face. What do you think?

I've found a few alterations so far, such as flipping the b's ascender and flipping the q's decender so that they match with all of the other ascenders and decenders. The k needs to be changed, maybe removing the curves and replacing with proper legs, I forgot to add the dot on the j, and the s needs improvement too, but are there any other alterations that you can see?


  1. I'm not to keen on the 'H' Garry. What if instead of having its legs facing inwards to resemble your 'B' you have them facing out like you've done with the 'N'? I might also argue you do the same with one of the arms (I have no idea what you'd actually call it lol) of the 'F'.

    Hope that was some help. They do look great though; playful but at the same time have an oddly serious tone. I know that contradicts itself but ah well lol.

  2. i agree with colin :) i think it would look even more awesome if you flipped them out on the 'f' and the 'h' i dont think the 's' fits in with the rest of the typeface but i dont know what to suggest, your making me want to create a typeface too!! :D xxx