04 March, 2011

Logo Designs - Identity

We had t0 pick 4 companies of a list and create a logo for each. We then had to designate 'themes' for each, such as type or image based, metaphor, geometric etc.

Secure Solutions
A national company offering hi-tech data security advice
and services to financial institutions, local authorities.
UK Space Agency
Public funded organisation that promotes UK scientific
and commercial interests in space exploration and commerce.
Fellside Farm Shop
A single outlet farm shop selling home produce meat and
The Riverside Trust
A charity the promotes habitat creation and management
for wildlife on rivers in England and Wales.


  1. Really like your Riverside Trust logo Gary! It looks very reliable and trust worthy... a little elegant as well lol. I would have kerned the letters a bit more tbh honest but it works really well as is.

    Your farm shop one is very interesting as well. I kind of like it for its quirkiness but at the same time think of Toblarounes (can't spell that apparently) lol.

  2. I must have been looking at the logos for far too long and didn't notice the kerning, thanks for telling me, I'm definitely going to change it, even if it is for the sake of my own sanity! Thanks!