23 October, 2009

Project 1c - Little Boxes

The brief asked us to create 8 10cm x 10cm cubes. We were given a list of subjects, and another list of rules of how to construct the cubes.
Here are 4 out of the final 8 cubes I designed, from left to right;
Pop Art - repetition/pattern
The end of the pier - die cutting
Chris Ware - collage
Mao Zedong - complimentary colours

12 October, 2009

Project 1b - Composing With Type

Another typography project, this time colour was introduced. The breif was similar to the last, except these are based on themes rather than objects/jobs.
Stillness and Tension

Happiness and Movement

Black & White and Pattern

Sadness and Scale

05 October, 2009

Project 1a - Marks on Paper

My first project at University. The brief was to use typography to symbolise/represent objects/jobs.
Top left; Weightlifter
Top Right; Mechanic
Bottom Left; Window cleaner
Bottom Right; Bat

Top left; Fashionista
Top Right; Plant
Bottom Left; Synchronized Swimmers
Bottom Right; Spy