15 April, 2011

Summative - The Journey So Far

We were asked to produced another self promotional piece with one of the dimensions of the booklet being 10cm wide/high and a maximum of 12 pages. I decided to create a booklet with the same stock as my book covers as it was my favorite outcome this year, and works especially well.

14 April, 2011

Lux Exhibition

The final poster and invitation for the LUX Photography Exhibition. LUX is measuring luminous (light) power per area, so I felt that showing movement through the use of long time exposures would be appropriate for the poster. The exhibition is on the 3rd of May, at the No. 15 Cafe in Penrith for those interested.

13 April, 2011

Flyweight - Logo

A logo for my friend Ant's Mechanical Engineering coursework. They are a fake company who he has made up to brand his new project work for. He asked me to create a logo, and gave me the images to mock them up onto.

12 April, 2011

Development Work

I haven't uploaded any development work recently, just uploading the final pieces. Before the past few
 briefs, I have always designed in black and white, with red to annotate. I still use red, but I have fallen in love with designing in colour now. I have also stopped designing with boxes with a cross in to represent images, and now I quickly sketch what it is for a better idea of composition. I really liked the spread below, with the use of colour (even though it is just blue) has made my development work much more exciting and engaging.