29 June, 2010

Inspiration - Steve Buffoni

I really like how experimental Steve Buffoni has been with these images. I love how much thought has gone into the layout of the first image, to keep the whole image interesting rather than putting so much emphasis into one part and getting bored half-way. I decided to take a look at his website, and I really like his typography work too. At his best, his work has a very retro feel with a hint of modernism, and at his worst his work is very similar to most other pieces of graphic design, although it is still very good.

27 June, 2010

Birthday Card - Edd

I decided to make another birthday card, this time for my Friend Edd. I thought it would be a good idea to make a completely analogue card this time, so I cut into the card to create an abstract shape. To add to the whole analogue feel, I sewed the corners together, rather than stapling/ glueing or taping down, as it is much more aesthetic. I really liked the sleeve from the last card I made, so I made another as it adds to the presentation.

16 June, 2010

Inspiration - Unix Timestamp

I came across this really eye-catching piece of design, which was created by Arrival Graphic Design. These posters signify an important day. for example, one of them was for the Inauguration, one for the Solstice, and this one for Progression. I love how the bright colours draw you in, and make your eyes follow the curves, and finally onto the dates at the bottom. With such little information the viewer is then forced to search for themselves why the date is important. A very intriguing set of posters which will grow as time goes on.

14 June, 2010

Birthday Card - Mum

I thought it would be a nice idea to make a birthday card for my Mum's birthday. I used this image I found online, and applied it to a photograph I took and added in typography. For a finishing touch I also created an envelope (although it is more of a sleeve) for the card.

10 June, 2010

Police, Camera, Impossible!

After about a week or two of delays from youtubes' uploading process, the video has finally decided to upload properly! I definitely need a lot more practice with After Effects, as I am not very pleased with the outcome, but hopefully I will get better in the future.

Brief; To create a 15-30 second title sequence for one out of a list of made up TV programs, using After Effects as the medium.

09 June, 2010

Inspiration - Markie Darkie

I found this wonderful set of experimental "vectors" created by the designer Markie Darkie. The link below shows all of the different example of his vectors, and it also ives a little insight into how he created them. I love how the viewers eye is guided around the image with successful use of hierarchy and seamless flow. I also like how the background is a creamy colour, rather than pure white, as it feels more natural, and the bright background would distract the attention from the complex shape.

02 June, 2010

Brampton Road Campus

My parents wanted a photo of my university campus, and this is the final edited version.