29 May, 2011

Birthday Card - Kate

I thought I would design a Minecraft themed card for my friend Kate. As we both play Minecraft on Chris' server with James/melonwall I thought it was appropriate. 

18 May, 2011

Thatsssssss A Very Nice Shirt You Have There…

Getting my geek on, I went screen printing with Jen Bows, and we printed game based t-shirts for Aperture Science (Portal), Creeper Face (Minecraft) and Black Mesa (Half-Life) (Not shown below), along with the Help Japan posters I posted yesterday. I had a great time, and managed to fulfill my geekiness at the same time, score!

17 May, 2011

Help Japan Poster; Screen Printing

After reading Matt Cross' comment on the previous post, I decided to screen print the Help Japan poster onto an A1 piece of cartridge paper. I printed 10, some of which have been given out to friends, the others I will give to family members and keep some for my portfolio. I really enjoyed printing onto paper, and I would love to create more screen printed finals next year.

16 May, 2011

The Age of Aquarius Leaflet/Programme

I was asked to design a leaflet/programme for a friend of mine's production, a cabaret called "The Age of Aquarius", which is being held in the Best Western Cumbria Park Hotel tomorrow (Tues 17th May) at 8pm, so if you can make it they will be very grateful, and the proceeds are going to three different charities! 

08 May, 2011

Brickyard Poster - Deaf Havana

These are the final designs for the Deaf Havana poster. I had some difficulty designing for this gig as the band's agent wanted in his words a poster which is 'plain'. My original design which I havent uploaded, was the complete opposite of this, and the second attempt (my favorite) wasn't suitable enough either. The second image is the official poster design, unfortunately.

(attempt #2 – my favorite)

(attempt #3 – official poster)