15 June, 2011

Brickyard Poster - Vintage Trouble

This is the poster design I've got for the Vintage Trouble gig at The Brickyard on 7th July, what do you guys think of it? Any additions/alterations needed?

14 June, 2011

Birthday Card - Mum 2011

As my Mum loves Ballet (and used to do it) I thought she would appreciate a Ballet themed card. I illustrated the dancer from a photo, but while illustrating, I found that I really enjoyed it, so hopefully I can develop an illustrative style alongside my usual designs!

02 June, 2011

Concrete - Faux Furs'Days W.I.P

I have been asked to create a double sided menu (one side with drinks, the other an illustrations or whatever I feel fits) a logo, and a poster. Below is the menu, and 4 designs for the poster/back of the menu. Is there anything that needs improving, or even re-doing completely? I'm not an illustrator by an means so I've probably got something wrong with the hands/body, please do tell me if I have. I would like some feedback before I send it off :)

[EDIT] Forgot to mention, which works better, Red or Cream?