20 November, 2009

Project 2d - Explaining the Offside Rule to a Martian

For this brief, we had to explain how to use certain objects, I chose a microwave, to someone who had never seen one before. We were not allowed to include numbers, words or anything that they wouldn't understand. The finished design had to be in the style of infographics for ease of communication.

These three images above were the final booklet, order is bottom upwards.

Project 2c - Variations on a Theme

We were given a choice of objects, my choice was the object brick, and we had to experiment with the object 100 times to try and push yourself further with the creative process.

19 November, 2009

CCA - Illustrator

For Creative Computer Applications, we are taught how to use the programs we use everyday properly. These two are the best images I produced while being taught the program Illustrator.
We had to design a website using as many tools of illustrator as we had learnt and the theme could be anything at all. In this I used the rotate around a point, pattern, brush, live trace, pen and object tool.
A biplane created using the pen tool, while designing in perspective. The perspective doesn't quite work, and can be improved, but it's not bad considering how difficult I made it for myself.

10 November, 2009

Project 2b - Close Cropping

For this brief we had to create images that have been close cropped. We were given themes to base these images on, and we had to make two for each one; An illustrative piece, and an abstract one.
The Morning After and Telephone Box

Childhood Dreams and Hidden From View

According to my classmates, I "raped the page" with designs more than usual in this project.

03 November, 2009

Project 2a - How to Draw Anything!

The project was to experiment with perspective. We were taught how to use 1pt, 2pt and 3pt perspective and we had to apply these skills in our own way. There were no final pieces to design, we were just told to experiment.

My first attempt (besides two hours of it in college) of life drawing, I am really pleased with the bottom left drawing of lucy, as it actually resembles her.

Our tutor said that he was expecting the graphic designers to be able to draw a box in perspective as it would come in useful for the future, so I decided to draw one to do just that.