28 February, 2011

Birthday Card - Richie

I based this card on the recent book cover designs I made, but I personalised it more for my brother, who is studying physics at Oxford University. I visited him with my parents over the weekend and he didn't know I was coming down to visit him, which was a nice surprise for him, and I got to see Oxford for the first time, which was amazing! Happy Birthday Richie! :)

15 February, 2011

Experimental Typography pt.2

After designing the numbers in part 1 of the experimental typeface that I have been designing, I decided to continue with the alphabet. I started to design on the computer, then realised that the letters I had designed weren't as experimental as I'd hoped, and some of the letters themselves don't work as well as others, so I went back to the drawing board.

I redesigned onto the post-it note, and will design the newer version digitally.

12 February, 2011

Monkey Business

I was asked to invent a product/concept which would make life simpler, so I chose to create a pill which represses thoughts for an hour, leaving you with primal instincts, thus removing all complications of life. In this hour you are sent on a hallucinogenic trip back to a time where there were less complications.

The product would be advertised through leaflets and handouts, which would be posted or slipped into magazines, with a net of a suitcase for the user to cut out and make to store their pills.

06 February, 2011

A Very Short Introduction To:

We were asked to re-design the book covers for the 'A Very Short Introduction To' series, to make them successful individually and as a set. I also wanted to be more experimental for this brief, so I chose different coloured stocks, and printed colours on them; Green on green, red on red and blue on blue.