28 November, 2011

Website Tweaking

Last week I decided to tweak my website by editing the captions, and by finally coding the triangles into the bottom corner of my website! The triangles are fixed to the bottom corner, and it's placement moves with the size of the window! Try it out here!

Brickyard - Quireboys

I forgot to upload this poster, and the event has already been on, but here is my design for the Quireboys event at The Brickyard that was on the 25th November.

15 November, 2011

Faux New Year Poster

A rather rushed poster, which resulted in me designing with an xmas theme rather than new years theme, which set me back about an hour. However, I am very pleased with the outcome, I especially like the trees and the shading on the moon.

12 November, 2011

Power Nap Poster

I was given a completely free reign for this poster for the production 'Power Nap' which has a super hero theme. Seizing the opportunity, I decided to geek it up and design a poster with the comic book-esque panels, and went on a photo shoot with the actors.

Everything went well until it went for print, where the performing artists decided to ridicule me and slap a shitty comic book filter over the top of the poster and print it on pink sugar paper. Needless to say I was furious, but in the end it was all sorted out and they printed out decent quality posters.

Grillust (our course blog) commented on the issue in a rather humorous fashion: click here!