23 April, 2010

Project 4a - Home Making is Killing Vinyl

For this brief we has to create 6 witty, creative or aesthetically intriguing paper toys that could be downloaded off the internet for users to print off and make themselves. I decided to go with the "aesthetic" route and create paper toys that represent 3D versions of well known or fascinating 2D art.
Influenced by the famous London Underground Map.

Influenced by Chris Ware, and using Patrick Hughes' Reverspective Method.

Influenced by the "Orphism" movement.

Influenced by the "Russian Constructivist" movement.

Influenced by Charles Sheeler's "Windows"

Influenced by the Bauhaus' colour trials.

21 April, 2010

Life Drawing - Week 4

Our final week of life drawing, in which we were told we could use any medium. I decided to get rid of pencil, as I still hate using it, but kept the charcoal, white paint and black ink as I love the marks and texture of what they produce. My accuracy is still pretty poor, but I'm still improving. I have really enjoyed these past 4 weeks, much more than I originally thought I would.

19 April, 2010

Inspiration - Toshiba T130 Advert

I saw this advert on TV a couple of weeks ago, and thought it was such a simple, yet really effective advert. As I was watching it I wondered whether or not they actually sent a chair into space, or whether it was all green screened. So I decided to watch the behind the scenes footage to see how it was actually conducted. To my surprise it actually was launched into space, which is what makes it such a convincing advert.

16 April, 2010

Antaztik CD Cover

A friend of mine, Ant Smith, asked me to create a CD cover for his mash-ups that he has been creating for his own personal use. Although the CD will never be released commercially, I still wanted to create one to help him out.

14 April, 2010

Life Drawing - Week 3

We were told to use just ink and paint this week, and I enjoyed it so much I even used my hands to paint - which I absolutely hate doing. I think I'm getting much better at life drawing, im still not very accurate at all, but I'm keeping the emotion there.

05 April, 2010

Inspiration - Fringe Title Sequence

I watch a series called Fringe, which is a science fiction program similar to that of x-files. I have always loved watching the title sequence to this program, as it sets the mood and aesthetic that follows. For one episode, that was set in the past, the 80's to be exact, they changed the title sequence to match the era. They have designed the video so well, with the retro soundtrack, down the the retro font, to the whole aesthetic to it, including the "tron" style background, and even the terminology used is reminiscent of the time. They made the 1980's title sequence so convincing that I prefer it to the original by a long way.