26 February, 2010

Project 2a - Little Journeys

We were given a list of lyrics from songs, and we had to create a visual journey using said lyrics. The final format was a booklet (unfortunately I haven't taken any photos of the final booklet itself, as my tutors really liked it, and kept it) However, I have uploaded my favorite pages instead.

Double page spread 2.

Double page spread 3.

Three pages; First two are a double page spread, the last attaches to the back of the first page below.

The first page attaches to the last of the previous image, and the next two are a double page spread.

11 February, 2010

1c - "It's not what you say..." Pt 2

Part two of the brief, which extends our use of typography, but this time as a magazine article. We were to choose of of the two images created in project 1b, and apply example body text to it. We had to keep in mind hierarchy, legibility and overall aesthetic value.