19 May, 2010


We had to place all of our files created in our CCA lessons, to document the journey from start to end, onto a CD which meant we also had to present the CD in a creative fashion.
Front cover/insert.
Back cover.




Inspiration - Step into the Sensory Box

I was browsing the web when I came across such an ingenious video. It was designed by studio SUPERBIEN, for the public to view who attended the World Mobile Congress. For the first part I assumed it was all stop motion photography, but analysing it deeper I realised it was actually film, with a stack of boxes, and to what I assume a projector which has been lined up perfectly. I am impressed with how much work the studio put into making this spectacular piece, and all the hard work and effort show in the final product. It's nice to see that some people still decide to use analogue methods over pure digital, as they are more convincing, and you actually appreciate the work put into it more so.

18 May, 2010

Inspiration - Christopher Dresser Teapot

I recently watched the first episode of a really interesting documentary called Genius of Design. In this documentary, they showed work of designers from all trades, and a design that caught my eye especially was that of Christopher Dresser's Teapot, designed in the 1970's. t is such an aesthetic and practical design, one of which I would love to own. The lid was designed so that when opened it rests on the conveniently placed handle, and the overall weighting to the object is apparently pleasing too. Although designed in the 1970's, it wouldn't look out of place in a modern kitchen at all.

17 May, 2010

Panorama - Rickerby Park River

I wanted to try out creating a panorama, as well as experimenting with certain features on my Canon, so I walked down to the river in Rickerby Park and took photos of the view. The panorama consists of 11 portrait images.

12 May, 2010


I decided to utilise the silkscreen facilities once more and make two more designs for t-shirts.

Both me and Claire decided to create a Boxi t-shirt as we were proud of the logo.

10 May, 2010

Project 4b - Marketing Your Characters

Our second teamwork project, this time I decided to work with Claire Wood. We both had to advertise our paper toys that we created from the previous project together as one company. Because both of our collections were completely unrelated, we had to create a company which covered paper toys in general.

We decided to call our brand Boxi, and we advertised it to a youthful audience who would appreciate the paper toys. I really enjoyed working with Claire on this project, it was really enjoyable and we managed to create a powerful identity.

For more information and images,
please check out our blog at Boxi-Nets

The homepage, which utilises the logo in a creative manner.

The About Us page, which shows us surrounded by our collections.

Our forum, which users can use to talk about our toys, or make suggestions.

01 May, 2010

Inspiration - Audacity of Huge

One of my favorite songs at this moment in time. I decided to watch the video after hearing the song, and was very impressed, as I was half expecting it to be another generic club style video. I really like how the video is hugely influenced by the pop art movement, with bright colours and stylistic toy robots. I was so impressed with the video I decided to research the director, a graphic designer called Kate Moross, who is a designer based in London. I really like her style, especially her typographical work. Check out her website and work here.