23 December, 2010

What I've Learnt This Semester.

For this brief I was asked to create a final piece to show off what we have learnt in the first semester of year 2. I decided to create 3 folded leaflets. I decided to section each leaflet by categories (Typography & Hierarchy, Format & Grids, and Image & Scale) All 3 of the leaflets were then presented in a slip case which can be unfolded and put back together.

09 December, 2010

I Have Launched my Website! www.garyndesign.com

I decided against the triangular logo as people mistook it for the all seeing eye, or for a cult logo, but I liked the style so I just changed the shape to a circle.

Check out my website by clicking the logo below, or by going to www.garyndesign.com

03 December, 2010

Latest Logo Design

My latest logo idea for my website that will hopefully be live anytime soon. Opinions?