29 July, 2010

Birthday Card - Ant

I am really pleased with the result of this card, the photography and digital medium compliment each other perfectly. And thanks to James who suggested placing a hand in to balance the composition.

19 July, 2010

Birthday Card - Laura

This is my favorite card yet, probably because I actually got better at cutting things out.

15 July, 2010

Inspiration - Storm Thorgerson

My brother recently bought the book "The Children of Men" and I was impressed with the cover, so I decided to research the designer, who turned out to be british designer Storm Thorgerson. I looked into other examples of his work, and was suprised to find out that he has designed for Biffy Clyro for the album cover "Puzzle" and one of my favorite covers, "The Division Bell" by Pink Floyd. With even more research I discovered that the metal statures in the image were actually real, which I was even more surprised about.

12 July, 2010

Macro Bug

I saw this amazing creature stuck in a spiders web on my window, so I stuck on my macro and took loads of photos. It was about 1cm long, and the stupid thing wouldn't stay still. These are my two favorites, as the rest are out of focus or uninteresting.

10 July, 2010

Birthday Card - James

Another card, this time for my friend James. I really had a lot of fun designing this, as I was experimenting with what I could do in illustrator and came out with an interesting design as well as teaching myself the program further.