29 January, 2010

Project 1b - Crufts 2040

For this brief we were given a list of dogs which have been genetically modified, more extreme versions of the already existing ones. I chose to create the Mighty Morphin' Dog which transforms when threatened, and the World of Interiors dog which moves to keep the aesthetically value of the room intact.
The Mighty Morphin' Dog.

The World of Interiors Dog.

1a - "It's not what you say..."

"...it's the way that you say it". I really enjoyed working on this project, and has made me absolutely love typography. I preferred designing for this than I did on the first two projects I was given. This project gave me the opportunity to experiment greatly with typography properly for the first time. Were were given an example body of text to work with in any way we wanted, as long as it is readable and included hierarchy.

26 January, 2010

CCA - InDesign

These two images were both created during the lessons I was given teaching me how to use InDesign. They are very basic as the program is new to me, but hopefully with a bit more practice I will become better at the program.
Experimenting with layout, picture cropping and type on a path.

Trying out the wrap around, style sheets, opacity and threading text frames tools.