18 December, 2009

Project 3c - Idea Generation

The final part of the three briefs, in which we were told to choose between the two fruit and veg, in which I chose the dragon fruit, and procede to advertise it.

The images above are the final pieces.

17 December, 2009

Silkscreen Induction

This was the result of my induction into silkscreen printing. I'm quite proud of it, except for the minor irregularities.

09 December, 2009

Project 3b - Secondary Research

The second of the 3 part brief. For this brief we had to research into our fruit and veg, in which I also discovered that peppers are actually fruit, it is just a common misconception that they are vegetables.

Yes I am aware that I have spelt Argentina wrong...my bad.

02 December, 2009

Project 3a - Primary Research

The next 3 briefs including this one are all linked together. There were no final pieces for this brief, we just simply had to draw what we saw with a fruit and a vegetable. We had to be as creative as we could with what little we had.

Although there were no finals, I decided to paint bigger versions of the fruit and veg to experiment with scale as well as background colour.