16 March, 2010

CCA - Photoshop

The following images are the best pieces of work I produced while being taught how to use photoshop effectively.
We were told to simply use one photograph, and use the history brush tool along with filters to create a dynamic image. Although anyone who knows photoshop can see and name all of the filters I have used in this image, I havent just slapped them on, unlike most people, so in my opinion, I believe I have actually worked with the filters rather than using them to make it "look cool".

We had to be as creative as we could by simply using one or more photographs and using the type mask tool. I chose the sky as the background, and decided to use the type mask layer to symbolise a city skyline. When the tutor saw what I had produced, he advised me to make it look more like an advert/flyer. With the added typography at the bottom, it re-enforces the message shown above as well as giving the reader more information.

This was created using existing photography, and merged together using layer styles, opacity and filters. However, using these simple and often overused techniques, the final image is quite aesthetic.

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