12 November, 2011

Power Nap Poster

I was given a completely free reign for this poster for the production 'Power Nap' which has a super hero theme. Seizing the opportunity, I decided to geek it up and design a poster with the comic book-esque panels, and went on a photo shoot with the actors.

Everything went well until it went for print, where the performing artists decided to ridicule me and slap a shitty comic book filter over the top of the poster and print it on pink sugar paper. Needless to say I was furious, but in the end it was all sorted out and they printed out decent quality posters.

Grillust (our course blog) commented on the issue in a rather humorous fashion: click here!


  1. Absolutely love this design Gary. It's one of the best posters I've seen throughout my years at the uni and defiantly sets a high bench mark for us all to compete with.

    I'm currently working on a poster design myself and I keep referring back to this poster as a way of egging me on to do a better job. Well done.

  2. Thank you very much! :D I've had very good feedback from a lot of people so far, it's definitely grabbed a lot of peoples attention, which I'm glad about, as it's doing it's job well!

    Good luck with your poster, and I'm sure it will be better than mine :)