01 January, 2012

Faux Furs'Days Janurary Draft Poster

Going with a new style for the new Faux Furs'days posters to keep them interesting and different, I would like opinions on the illustration, is everything right with the proportions, pose etc?


  1. Lol I just HAVE to go back to Carlisle for Ginger Thursday; if I don't get in for free I'll be very disappointed.

    I think the illustration is great Gary. I'm not sure but I think her legs might need to be a smidgen longer, they look a bit shorter than the arms.

    Are you planning to add shading to her skin like you have to the dress? I think that will really help her pop out from the patterned background and make her look more rounded.

    Love the concept of both your poster and the events!

  2. Thanks Colin, and yeah you should, I'm sure you will be able to get in, I can't wait for that night! Now that you say that her legs do look quite short, and I was planning on adding shading to her but I think I got sidetracked and forgot to do so.

    Thanks again!