27 March, 2011

Typeface pt.4

Finally designed both upper and lower case letters now, and I'm happy with the results. however I may change the upper case G as it feels out of place and I'm not too keen on it. What do you guys think? Alos, I'll probably call it Nicholson Sans unless I (or anyone else) comes up with a more suitable name, I just feel that naming it after myself is a little arrogant?


  1. You should call it "Nicholsans" lol. Who cares if it sounds arrogant mate (though personally I don't think it does)? At the end of the day if it became a famous font you'd be annoyed you never named it after yourself.

    There's a famous youtube drummer who called his alias "deedlebum" (something stupid like that lol). He never expected to become famous and now hates that he is known as that lol.

  2. Hahaha that is brilliant! Nicholsans is a great name! Thanks! And good point I probably would be annoyed, that is if it ever did get famous.