02 June, 2011

Concrete - Faux Furs'Days W.I.P

I have been asked to create a double sided menu (one side with drinks, the other an illustrations or whatever I feel fits) a logo, and a poster. Below is the menu, and 4 designs for the poster/back of the menu. Is there anything that needs improving, or even re-doing completely? I'm not an illustrator by an means so I've probably got something wrong with the hands/body, please do tell me if I have. I would like some feedback before I send it off :)

[EDIT] Forgot to mention, which works better, Red or Cream?


  1. Gary this is so sick, but i don't know what the strange abstract things on the left are (;

    I really like the cream one with the hands, the red one is good but it reminds me of blood, again it's your choice, whatever, it's absolute beast.

  2. Hey Gary these are looking ace. Like Dylan I struggled with the abstract one at first but eventually got it. Perhaps moving the coat pocket down a bit would help identify it?

    The red does seem a bit bloody but I don't mind it too much. I would however take another look at the pinky on the right hand; it looks like its going through the stem of the glass. It's only a small thing so you might not want to change it... I just decided to go looking for faults in your work because your getting to good :P lol It turning into an extremely hard game of spot the difference, or "Where's Wally" lol.

    Great work none the less and like I said I could only realy spot the pinky thing, which isn't a big deal anyway. I doubt anyone will notice it :)

  3. JIZZING OVER THESE!!!! yes gary once again you have outdone yourself! i love the hand one. tres posh. i think its easier to understand than the dress/tux ones &&& i think cream too. LOVE THEM!!!!

  4. Thanks a lot guys! Haha nice one Lucy! :D I agree, the cream does suit (lol bad pun) them better, and think that the glasses work better than the dress/tux too! And Colin, thanks, I didn't even notice the pinky finger, I changed it and it does look better, actually like its holding the glass now, and moving the pocket down also makes it more noticeable :)