22 October, 2011

Experimental Newspaper Spreads

After having my work scrutinised by tutors as always being 'Safe' I finally snapped and have designed something experimental for a change, and to my own surprise, I actually quite liked making it! More to come soon!


  1. Lmao "snapped" sounds about right. I would hardly say you play it safe with your other work but I see what you mean about these layouts. I really like the second one but overall there are some nice things you're doing in both.

    I think you might have gone just a bit over the top in the first layout, maybe putting too much red text in an uncontrolled (looking) structure. Perhaps if a couple of them were removed I'd feel more comfortable with the layout overall. "Too much of a good thing", hopefully that better explains what I'm trying to get across lol.

    As always mate you know I'm not bagging on your work and hopefully I won't be receiving hate mail for my comments lol. If you do decide you want to retaliate I would appreciate it in a birthday card format; it's the handmade touch that makes it all the more special :P

  2. Thanks for the comments, and I completely agree with you on the first one, in fact I didn't even want to go all crazy until I showed both Simon and Jim this work, and both were really enthusiastic, and I swear Jim was being sarcastic but when I asked he he said he wasn't.

    I always value your comments anyway, I wouldn't hate you for them don't be silly, you are always very constructive and a lot of the time correct too! :)

  3. YES!!!!
    the second one is delicious! a lot better than your originals gary!!! but i agree with colin in the first one maybe being a bit too experimental? but its definately a better direction than a simple newspaper layout (: