29 October, 2011

Self Promotion Stationery

My own stationary, consisting so far of a business card, letterhead and compliment slip. I will design a mailer/envelope soon in the similar style, and I hope to incorporate the triangular pattern onto my website at some point. I may change my business card too, I want something a little more memorable and eye catching.


  1. Love it! Crisp and vibrant design which totally links with your style. I get what you mean about the business card though. The information side is nicely designed but the logo only side seems a bit weak. It'll be pricey but perhaps getting a sheen printed over the dark blue part will help it pop a little. It's a poor suggestion I'm afraid but I don't remember anyone having business cards like that at my exhibition. Might help you stand out that little but more.

  2. Hello! I am a student with Uni of Hertfordshire through interactivedesigninstitute, and we are currently designing our own personal stationery. I got to your site as I am doing some research on compliments slips lay out - I see you have designed double sided paper? Cool! I have a question for you, where did you get the mock up business card template please? I have been trying to use one but it's not looking good, yours looks really realistic. Great fresh designs, love the two colours of blue together, you have worked hard I can tell!